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How Can Holographic Technology Help Train Future Healthcare Providers?

How Can Holographic Technology Help Train Future Healthcare Providers?

What was once a figment of science fiction is now the future (and present) of healthcare education. Modern day holographic technology provides universities, hospitals, pharma, and more with unprecedented teaching and telepresence opportunities. By harnessing immersive holographic experiences to train future healthcare providers, Dr. Hologram helps to elevate the efficacy and efficiency of real-time patient care.

Now that remote telemedicine and patient simulation are common fixtures of modern healthcare, your institution needs modern solutions. Teaching the next generations of healthcare providers is contingent on providing them with opportunities to replicate substantial aspects of patient-provider interactions in a fully interactive manner under the guidance of an instructor.

Utilizing holographic technology coupled with Dr. Hologram’s patient experience library enables students to practice the art of interacting with patients and caregivers, yielding key skills for developing positive patient-provider relationships, for example:

  • Providers who effectively express empathy can reliably connect with their patients. Empathy makes patients feel understood and cared for, which increases patient satisfaction.
  • Providers who clearly communicate instruction, education, and other medical information typically have better patient-provider relationship and health literacy. Besides speaking respectfully, providers will also acquire key strategies such as patient teach back and learn to overcome any possible biases they may harbor.
  • Providers who allow patients to have say in their treatment are more likely to enjoy improved patient-provider relations and ‘buy-in’ to the treatment process, resulting in better treatment outcomes.

Over the course of the past year, healthcare providers have turned to telemedicine as a way of keeping in touch with patients despite stay-at-home orders and social distancing to still provide superior healthcare while staying safe. The market is projected to grow seven times its current size by 2025 (Lieneck et al.) – a staggering figure that shows that the advancements in healthcare technology over the past year may have otherwise taken 10 years without the pandemic.

How does Dr. Hologram fit into the picture? Our innovations with telepresence, as well as our AI healthcare assistant Jor-El, are some of the most technologically advanced solutions available for training future healthcare providers. Our first units will be used by the College of Health Professions and Sciences at the University of Central Florida in ways that include developing and assessing holographic standardized (simulated) patients, storytelling of lived experiences, and guest lectures from experts from remote locations. Dr. Hologram will collaborate with you every step along the way to seamlessly bring our holographic technology to your institution – simply contact us today to get started.

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