If You Can’t Be There, Beam There With Holoportation

Using Medical Holograms for Healthcare Education

Healthcare Education

Dr. Hologram offers universities and other educational organizations the opportunity to adopt holoportation technologies coupled with a suite of custom curriculum and assessment modules that you can select or request that will both innovate and transform the learning experience for your students.

The program enables learners to engage in an interactive, immersive narrative grounded in subject matter, standardized patient experiences, and virtual reality healthcare assessments.

Multi-Modal implementation options include:

  • 1: 1
  • Group learning mode
  • Team-based care
  • Interprofessional Education and Practice (IPE / P) experiences

All Doctor Hologram virtual clinical simulations and guest speakers can be played simultaneously on an unlimited number of Dr. Hologram devices and locations for amazing broadcasting opportunities with holoportation. They can be recorded and played again at any time..

Modernization applications include but are not limited to:

  • Lifelike virtual patient simulations with optional AI healthcare
  • Standardized patient experiences
  • Storytelling of lived experiences
  • Guest lectures (audience at remote locations)
  • Jor-EL (simulation via conversational Telemedicine AI)

We collaborate with you on all steps of customization to make it easy to bring our telehealth tools to your institution. Doing so will immediately bring excitement and a buzz to your program like no other. It will readily elevate the quality of your program resulting in enhanced educational outcomes, increased enrollment, and retention while leveraging medical virtual simulation technology to drive a competitive advantage for your institution.

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Telemedicine via Telepresence - Medical Holograms in Patient Care

Telemedicine via TelepresenceDr. Hologram can immediately modernize and advance providers' ability to deliver telepresence healthcare in a holographic environment, transforming and advancing efficiencies, accessibility, and patient outcomes that can be scaled worldwide.

Utilization can include but not limited to:

  • 2-way interactive experience with real patients residing anywhere
  • Clinical care with physician or health care provider
  • Beyond Telehealth, lifelike and interactive personal 'touch' that patients need
  • Health care consultation and delivery of novel services
  • Patient / caregiver education to improve patient compliance and treatment outcomes
  • Rural health (increase accessibility affordability)

All telepresence appearances and healthcare simulations on Dr. Hologram can stream to one destination or to an unlimited number of locations anywhere in the world.

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Meet Jor-El

Meet Jor-El

Jor-El is an on-demand mobile AI healthcare assistant that's designed to stream (audio or video) an array of educational information in response to voice-recognized user-initiated questions.

On-demand content can include patient education (pre-op and post-op) and homecare to an array of FAQs that are conveniently played to the user's mobile device. This program also helps to alleviate the burdensome tasks often put on patients and caregivers needing timely info by reducing or eliminating the need to search online for answers, combing through booklets, and so on.

Jor-El is available 24/7 and enables the patient or caregiver to ask questions pertinent to their care. The results can include improved compliance, consistency, improved clinical and functional outcomes, greater patient services, and possibly a reduction in readmissions due to increased clarity of communication. Jor-El is akin to Alexa, Siri, and other personal assistants while being programmed with the most essential content that elevates and extends your office to their home. This improves communications with all stakeholders without the added administrative expense.

Jor-El is one of our must-have telemedicine tools for any healthcare provider or institution.

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Healthflix - The First Medical Hologram Library

HealthflixAs the first of its kind, Healthflix aims to be the largest interactive library of healthcare education holograms, and it will be accessible on all Dr. Hologram platforms! Healthflix will feature programming ranging from medical experts, instructors, simulations, standardized patients, and caregivers to FAQs on medications, and more.  

In addition, Healthflix will be accessible 24/7 on Dr. Hologram’s healthcare assistant platform called Jor-El.  Users can interact with Healthflix by selecting pre-determined questions, typing in a keyword or simply asking through our AI system to get the info they want, when they want it.

Choose from a suite of available titles, or partner with Dr. Hologram to customize content for your unique purposes with virtually no limit to your imagination. Healthflix is an invaluable asset for any healthcare provider or institution utilizing Dr. Hologram’s innovative technologies for the benefit of students, patients, and the communities where they serve.  

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