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i4 Business: UCF’s Dr. Hologram - Holoportation to Better Health Care Education
i4 Business: UCF’s Dr. Hologram - Holoportation to Better Health Care Education i4 Business is a fresh voice for Orlando businesses’ economic corridor, introducing readers to the most successful and innovative companies, along with the timeless wisdom of the area’s sagest business leaders, to inspire, educate and promote entrepr... Read More

WTSP Tampa Bay: UCF Students Use New Life-Like Holograms in Healthcare Studies The 3-D technology gives students a more "true-to-life" experience of seeing different medical conditions up close. Read More

Healthy Simulation: UCF Installs Impressive Dr. Hologram Technology to Improve Healthcare Simulation Education Today’s most innovative hologram technology is now being used in the academic setting to provide unique healthcare simulation education experiences. This Fall, the University of Central Florida (UCF) will be providing learners with the opportunity to... Read More

ABC Los Angeles: Healthcare Holograms? UCF Introduces Dr. Hologram, Powered by PORTL Inc. University of Central Florida intends to use PORTL technology to diagnose and treat patients remotely via the power of hologram. Read More

Nicholson Student Media: UCF to Use Dr. Hologram to Train Future Healthcare Professionals UCF continues to innovate education by allowing healthcare students to be the first to learn from holograms of patients. Read More

WKMG Orlando News 6: UCF to be First University to Use Hologram Technology in Healthcare Education New learning method will help students who hope to become speech therapists. Read More

Invidis: Sprechstunde mit Dr. Hologram (featured in Germany) Das Holoportationssystem von Portl macht es möglich: Hologramme von Patienten helfen an der University of Florida, Medizinstudenten auszubilden. Die lebensnahen Aufnahmen können aufgezeichnet sein oder live von einem anderen Ort zugespielt werden. Read More

EdScoop Media: U. Central Florida Uses Holograms to Train Medical Students The University of Central Florida is using holograms to simulate patient visits so medical students can practice spotting subtle symptoms or rare conditions. Read More

Spectrum News 13: Hologram Technology Gives UCF Students a Chance to Virtually Learn from Patients This school year, the University of Central Florida is giving students a first opportunity in their health care education, using hologram technology to allow students to learn directly from patients without the patient needing to be present. Read More

WFTV Orlando: UCF Using First Of Its Kind Hologram Tech To Better Train Healthcare Students The pandemic accentuated the need for telehealth and remote learning. Watch how UCF found a way to greatly improve these platforms for healthcare education students, becoming the first in the world to use the technology this way. Read More

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